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Asked a question 2 months ago

Our current leave policy says staff are to provide evidence of sick leave from one day off. Can this also apply to casual staff?

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From Ed: Hi, Tony. Risky one, applying that to casual staff, because unless they're falling within this Rossato-type decision, they don't get sick leave. So there's no obligation for them. They can say to you, "I just don't wanna turn up," not that "I can't turn up because I'm not well." The true casual doesn't have to turn up in that way as long as they give you a reasonable notice of it. And so if you turn around and say to someone, "Well, you've gotta justify why you didn't turn up." That starts to sound to me like you might be having a permanent casual situation that you need to get examined to make sure you don't have risks and liabilities associated to that.

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